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Cultural Travel: A Musician’s Perspective

Selling off the last of my belongings was bittersweet. I’ve moved towards a fairly minimalist lifestyle the past five years, so any sorrow I felt was at the loss of my music equipment. The countless hours I’d spent setting up and tearing down my modest PA, entertaining crowds through the system, and the miles I’d spent hauling it around in my car from venue to venue all contain memories that I cherish. I was closing a chapter in my life that I had put so much energy and effort into creating. So many tears shed, alliances built, and friendships ended over my passion that undeniably bordered on unhealthy obsession. Although my lofty dream of traveling the world as a musician and selling out concerts was abruptly coming to an end, a new phase in my life had just as quickly revealed itself.

As an experienced entertainer, writer, traveler, and artist, this next step required flinging my life at it. Why had I waited so long? I definitely wasn’t ready in my early twenties, but I kept putting it off for years thinking some magical day would appear in my distant future. Nevertheless, I took the chaos of 2020 as a sign. And for this new chapter I couldn’t leave behind my most prized possession. My acoustic guitar travels everywhere I go.

So I decided, along with a small team, that I’ll be searching for, capturing, and interviewing musicians from various backgrounds all while traveling the globe with the only viewpoint I have: a musician’s perspective. In a way, my dream didn’t die. It transformed and materialized into something larger that allowed me to use all of my resources, abilities, and passions. It grew.

This blog will be for those who perhaps already have travel experience and are just looking for more insight, or you have a love of music from around the world. Maybe you have a desire to travel somewhere new, or you just want a change in your life. Not only do I want to enlighten on cultural travel but I want people to not be scared to pursue their impulses, passions, and desires. Feel free to email me with your thoughts or questions. I encourage you to also submit a pitch if you’d like to have a featured guest post. Comment below with your personal experience in making a bold but rewarding change in your life.